Size: 500 Acres
Population: 30,500
Ruler: Prince Constans
Other Info: 104 Guardsmen, 210 Noble Houses, 24 Advocates (legal matters), 709 Clergymen, 24 Priests

Whitemore is one of the largest cities in the Ursenium region. The town is governed by a despotic young prince who has issued a heavy tax on magic, to the extent that the town has only a handful of mages who remain. The city is not coastal but is connected to the surrounding cities of Goblinholme, Yawley and Boymoor by a grand canal, with the centre of the town being dedicated to a huge, circular dock where the three canals meet.

The Guardsmen are trained in Boymoor and belong to The Ruby Guild. The Sheriff is a human male called Waltom Reda. The Guardsmen reside in a ruined fort near the docks, and their wives and daughters run the adjacent tavern, The Ruby Spear.

Other notable taverns are The Fool and Flail, The Bear and Cock, The Pilgrims Flask and The Merry Shepherd.

On the last day of Arodus, the city holds a festival called Manifestation Day. The belief of the festival is that those who hold the favour of the Gods will have their wishes manifested, and those who have been sinful and fallen out of favour with the Gods will be punished. In order to confuse the Gods, the peasants and nobility wear masks to avoid the wrath of heaven, and all maidens in waiting and virgin girls go around maskless as a show of their purity. There are drinks, fireworks, and revelry to be had by all.


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