Prince Constans

Prince Constans is a Human Prince who rules over Whitemore.

Prince Constans was born in the heart of the Odoramen Empire, at Samox. The son of a wealthy salt merchant, he was appointed as ruler of Whitemore and the surrounding Ursenium region. As a young adult (18 yrs) in a position of power, Constans is hot-headed and quick to anger. Despite it being common knowledge that his appointment was only meant as an insult, he will quickly imprison and execute anybody who dares to announce it to his face.

Prince Constans is weak and sickly, keeping in his company a Strix warrior who has his wings clipped. This bodyguard was a gift from a merchant who was impressed with the prince’s hospitality when he was passing through. In reality, the Prince had heard a rumour that the merchant was a freed Djinni and had hoped to acquire the fabled three wishes.

Prince Constans hates magic and magical beings with a passion. After attempting and failing to learn a few tricks to outperform some troubadour who had taken fancy to the local botanist, Constans made it his life’s mission to stomp out magic in the Ursenium area.

The prince is 18 years old. He has thinning brown hair that is kept fairly long at the back. He has a round face and a roman nose. His eyes are green. He is 5ft 10in tall and wears the colours of his family – a blue and orange doublet affixed with a winged wolf pendant.

Prince Constans

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